What kind of roles in what kind of companies will I get placed after learning Leather Technology?

Leather technology is a field that involves the design, production, and processing of leather and leather-based products. Some common roles that leather technology graduates may pursue include:

  1. Leather designer: Leather designers are responsible for creating new leather products and collections. They may work on projects such as designing leather clothing, accessories, and footwear, or developing new leather concepts and styles.
  2. Leather technologist: Leather technologists are responsible for applying technology to the design and production of leather products. They may work on projects such as developing new leather materials, creating digital leather prototypes, or optimizing leather production processes.
  3. Leather product developer: Leather product developers are responsible for the development of new leather products. They may work on projects such as researching market trends, developing prototypes, and conducting product testing.
  4. Leather quality control engineer: Leather quality control engineers are responsible for ensuring the quality of leather products. They may work on projects such as conducting leather product inspections, testing leather products for quality and purity, or developing leather quality control systems.

Leather technology graduates may find employment in a wide range of industries, including fashion and apparel, leather manufacturing, and product development. Some common employers for leather technology graduates include leather companies, fashion and apparel companies, and product development organizations.

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