August 2020

Myth and Math behind TNEA Random Number

How Random is the TNEA random number? The random number allocation in the TNEA counselling is a widely known process. But a few would have possibly dwelled into the Math behind this proces. And what’s more, all this requires just your +2 Math! Background TNEA 2020 aggregate mark or cut-off mark is the sum of […]

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TNEAhelp Discussion Forum

Get your TNEA-related doubts clarified In this section we showcase the TNEAhelp discussion forum, which is the first-of-its-kind forum dedicated to exchange information about TNEA and clarify your doubts regarding TNEA. View TNEAhelp discussion forum Motive – anyone can ask/answer question – our teachers helping us Invite your teacher to help us for this noble

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