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In this post you will get to know how to use the TNEAhelp College Finder tool. We will explain step-by-step on how to benefit from this tool.

Accessing it

The TNEAhelp College-Finder is available at the top menu and can be accessed from the menubar at the top of the page


Using the College-Finder

This tool is simple to use and is very useful. It displays various courses and colleges available for your cutoff and other preferences. The usage has been explained here with screenshots (images) to assist you thorough using this tool. A few tips worth mentioning are listed at the end of this blog

Enter your cutoff and category
First enter your cutoff and select your category (OC/BCM/BC/MBC/SCA/SC/ST). The results are dependent on the category and relevant results will be displayed. 

Select one or more Colleges
By default, when the page loads, “All Colleges” is selected, which means that the seats in all the colleges for your cutoff will be displayed.
You can specifically select one or more colleges which you like. To do this, click on a college’s name in the box on the left (as shown in the picture below).

Once you click a college, it will appear on the box on the right as shown in the figure below.

The colleges in the box on the right are your choices.
Note that a summary of the total number of colleges and the number of colleges in both the right and the left boxes are shown on the top of each box as indicated in the picture below.

Note that you can filter the colleges by name (i.e. type in a few letters in the college and see only the colleges having those letters in the name). As an example, the figure below, shows how to find all colleges having “Anna Univ” in their name. This will allow you to quickly narrow down the list.

The summary is shown even when the filters are active.
If you want to remove all the colleges that you have selected, simply click the Remove All button at the top as shown in the figure below.

Select one or more Branches
Now select one or more branches – the procedure is same as that of selecting colleges.

Select one or more Districts
Now select one or more districts – the procedure is same as that of selecting colleges.

Enter the Security Code
Type the letter you see. You can login to avoid this box.

Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page

View the results
The results for your choice is loaded at the bottom of the page. Scoll down to see the results.

If the Security code you entered is wrong, you will get an error message. You can simply type the code and submit (all your choices will remain intact!).

If there are no results for your selection you will be get an error message suggesting what action to take. 

Page-Tour feature
The Page-Tour feature is enabled in this page. This is a newly added feature, which is explained in detail in this blog entry

Tips & Tricks

Here are other things you can do with TNEA College-Finder..

  • You can find all the branches in a college.
    To do this,
    • enter the cutoff as 200 and select ONLY that college in the college-selection box.Leave the other options as defaultThen submit the form!
    This information is also available in the TNEAhelp.in
  • You can find all colleges in a district.
    To do this,
    • enter the cutoff as 200 and select ONLY that district in the district-selection box.
    • Leave the other options as default
    • Then submit the form!
  • You can find all colleges having a particular branch.
    To do this,
    • enter the cutoff as 200 and select ONLY that Branch in the branch-selection box.Leave the other options as defaultThen submit the form!
  • You can mix-and-match the above options to discover more things, for example, combine the first trick and the second one, to find the list of all branches available in a district, and so on. Happy fiddling!
  • We will add more features soon

If you used the TNEA College-Finder tool for something interesting, why not share it with us!

Best Wishes,
TNEAhelp team

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