What are some questions worth answering before considering getting admission into a college of your choice?

Here are some potential questions that students might have in mind when speaking with an admissions counselor or a guide about a bachelor’s degree program in engineering:

  1. What are the admission requirements for the program?
  2. What are the prerequisite courses for the program?
  3. What is the structure of the program? How many years will it take to complete?
  4. What are the career prospects for graduates of the program?
  5. What kinds of internships or co-op opportunities are available to students in the program?
  6. What is the faculty-to-student ratio in the program?
  7. How are the courses in the program structured (e.g., lectures, labs, project work)?
  8. What are the facilities and resources available to students in the program (e.g., computer labs, workshops, software)?
  9. What kind of support is available to students in the program (e.g., academic advising, tutoring, counseling)?
  10. How competitive is the admissions process for the program? What factors are considered in the admissions decision?

It may also be helpful for students to ask about the program’s accreditation status and any partnerships or collaborations with industry that the program has.

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