What are some little known facts about engineering?

Here are a few little known facts about engineering:

  1. Engineering has a long history. The first recorded use of the term “engineer” dates back to the 14th century, and the practice of engineering has been around for much longer.
  2. Engineers come from a variety of backgrounds. While many engineers have a strong foundation in math and science, they may also have a background in humanities, social sciences, or other fields.
  3. Engineers work in a wide range of industries. Engineers may work in manufacturing, construction, transportation, healthcare, energy, and many other industries.
  4. Engineers use a variety of tools and techniques. Engineers may use computer-aided design (CAD) software, 3D printing, prototyping, and other tools and techniques to design and develop products and systems.
  5. Engineers often work in teams. Engineers often collaborate with other professionals, such as scientists, designers, and business analysts, to solve complex problems and develop new technologies.
  6. Engineers may work in research and development. Engineers may work in research and development to create new products, systems, and technologies, or to improve existing ones.
  7. Engineers often need to communicate effectively. Engineers need to be able to communicate their ideas and designs to clients, customers, and team members, and may also be involved in presenting findings or proposals to stakeholders.

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